Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | November 28, 2018

2018-a year of suddenly–looking to 2019-the year of perception

Last year, I decided not to pick a word for the year because every year I would decide on a word, and no sooner could you say new year’s resolution, the word was lost in the black hole somewhere between the last piece of pie and the first diet drink.  But my pastor decided that 2018 would be a year of suddenly for our church, so I adopted “suddenly” as my word.  I’ve waited patiently for that word to form substance–to take shape.  What would suddenly look like?

Would it come in like a wave splashing on the sea to suddenly be gone again like so many of the world’s empty promises?  Or would it come forth like a mighty rushing wind that strengthens as it shifts one priority into another?

I imagine God hovering just waiting to push that suddenly button knowing exactly what would happen and anticipating it just as much as I was.  But just because it happens suddenly doesn’t mean it comes in a hurry.  God doesn’t work that way.  And it doesn’t mean that suddenly comes without testing or obstacles because Satan does not want us to receive our suddenly.

I week ago I had  dream.  I dreamed that I was at work (not sure where; it wasn’t my current job). Some people arrived to kidnap me because they needed my help and I could take one person with me. At the instant that I made my decision, a twin of that person appeared, and I had to decide between them. It took a long time and I was told to make a decision. So I hugged both of them and chose, reluctantly. I whispered to the one I didn’t choose that if I had made the wrong choice to find a way to help me. A lot happened that I don’t remember but as the dream ended, I discovered that I had made the right decision. When asked how I knew, I said it was their smell. One was “normal “; the other was like they had no smell at all.

It wasn’t too long after that dream that I had a realization that my suddenly was coming. Quite possibly it had already arrived.  A peace down in my heart.  A sudden realization.  Something I can’t yet describe because it hasn’t fully formed in my consciousness.

The word that has been playing over and over again in books I’m reading and devotionals and books I’m studying is “perception”.  What I believe this means for me is that my suddenly is here, but I have a perception problem.  I can’t see it. yet. But soon, I will wake up and my perception will change. I will finally see.

So I’m looking forward to 2019, changing my perception and seeing my suddenly.


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