Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | May 5, 2015

Love your neighbor, but don’t be weird

love neighbor

In January 2014, my husband bought a house.  And not just any house–a fixer-upper.  I was not amused.  After 17 months, we still aren’t finished, but at least we are able to live in it, so I appreciated the chapter of Amy Lively’s book, “How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird”, where she discussed her experience while renovating her home.

I prayed over my attitude and God convinced me (sort of) that He would use this house for His glory.  i am determined to create (eventually) an inviting and warm home where people will feel comfortable and free to share their lives with us.  So far we have hosted several small groups that have spoken volumes into our lives.

My next step is to take Amy’s ideas (which are wonderful and, at the same time, frightening) into my neighborhood (without being weird). I am sure all of my neighbors know who we are–the power tools we used until late at night and sometimes early on a Saturday and Sunday morning was a great introduction.  And lest we forget, the smoke alarm (false alarm) going off in the early morning hours that sounded all over the neighborhood.

Christ’s command to love our neighbor takes the Great Commission to a new (un)comfort zone.  When I was growing up, the neighbors all knew each other.  We celebrated together, played outdoor games together, went to school together.  Today, we are lucky if we recognize each other in their own driveway.

In many ways, I am looking forward to sharing my life with my neighbors.   But I’m also fearful.  At least Amy’s do’s and don’ts will help me avoid the weirdness that comes from knocking on doors and inviting others to my home.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Jill! I promise, you will survive if you knock on a neighbor’s door. Most neighbors are thrilled when someone fixes up a property; it improves property values for everyone. “All boats rise together!” And I bet they’re already curious to see what all the hammering and pounding has been about inside your home. No home is ever perfect because they are all filled with imperfect people who all need the grace of God. That’s the only home improvement we ever need! May God bless you and your new neighbors.

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