Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | January 17, 2014

Stop. Chasing. God.

Chasing GodAre you chasing God?  You may not realize it even if you are.  Angie Smith, author of “Chasing God”, was not aware that what she was doing for God or because of God was actually running after Him.  All of this running left her feeling like she would never be good enough to catch up with Him.

I struggle with being “good” enough.  I’m constantly wondering whether I’m doing enough, saying the right things, being the right person to be in God’s good graces.  I’m know the theology of doing vs. being.  This circular argument has been going on for a long time.  God loves me no matter what.  Why don’t I get it?  Do you get it?  Is your mind linked to the “gotta be good enough” thought process?

“Chasing God” is not a book about finding God.  It’s about not getting caught up in a chase that doesn’t exist but about following God.  God doesn’t need to be caught.  He isn’t running.  In her book, Smith reveals how she has spent a great deal of time searching for God and how chasing after God only makes us feel further away from Him.   There is no guide to measure ourselves against.  God loves us because of who we are.  He doesn’t carry around a measuring stick.

“Chasing God” offers reassurance and encouragement in your Christian walk.  I love Smith’s honesty and openness and vulnerability.  There are many quotable thoughts and concepts to think about.  Sometimes the personal examples go a little overboard but shouldn’t keep you from getting some great wisdom from it.

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