Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | July 17, 2013

Susan May Warren’s Duchess–a historical romance

DuchessThe golden age of Hollywood.  The rise of a new leader–Adolf Hitler.  What do these two events have in common?  Rosie Worth, aka Roxy Price, an up-and-comer thanks to her marriage of convenience to a studio mogul.  On her rise to the top, her marriage becomes inconvenient when when she falls in love with her co-star, Belgium Duke Rolfe Van Horne.

When her husband dies and their lies to each other and others unravel, the Duke leaves her disappointed and lost.  In the midst of all of this, she struggles to keep her husband’s studio running.  When the Duke comes to her rescue, she must make decisions that could affect the rest of her life.  When she falls in love with him again, she soon discovers that Rolfe is not who he seems to be and his plans for her puts her life in danger.

Duchess passes the time.  If you enjoy historical romance, the story will entertain you.  But just when you think you are only reading a love story, you are drawn into a tale of courage, war, Nazis and sacrifice.

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