Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | June 19, 2013

A Leadership Parable

I've got Your backLeadership is a hot topic today.  Everyone wants to know what makes a good leader and what a good leader does but most of all they want to know how to become one.  In his book, “I’ve Got Your Back”, James C. Galvin presents a parable (or a story) of four people who have bosses with poor leadership skills.

Instead of leaving their jobs in search of better circumstances, these four individuals want to learn how to function successfully with the boss they currently have.  Fortunately for them, they are given the opportunity to meet with a life coach who meets with them and gives them tasks to complete.  By teaching them how to be good leaders themselves, he shows them how to follow a poor one.

The second part of the book is an explanation of the parable teaching biblical principles for leading and following well.  There is a discussion guide that can help you define your own leadership skills and help you become a better leader.

The parable is compelling, and, covers a range of bad bosses—those that don’t have time to lead, those who don’t want to lead, those who don’t want you to succeed and those who don’ t know how to lead.  Galvin demonstrates that you don’t have to be like your boss or disrespect your boss to follow well and become a good leader.

If you aren’t willing to do the work, the book will be of little use.  It would definitely be helpful to meet with an accountability group who will help each other through the process.  If you have a job you enjoy but your boss is hard to deal with, the ideas presented in Galvin’s book may be helpful.  The ideas presented in the book do present biblical leadership with practical advice.

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  1. Truly great leaders have a specific blend of skills. But they also possess something else; certain characteristics which are harder to define. If you’re in a leadership role, then you’ve likely wondered how you can move to that “next level,” going from good to great leadership.

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