Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | March 15, 2013

Not your average vampire tale…..

The JudgingEllen C. Maze’s “The Judging” brings a different twist to vampire stories and the ultimate struggle between good and evil.  Dr. Mark Corescu had forgotten what it was like to be human.  He believed that he had been called by God to carry out judgment against the guilty.  Until he met Hope, he had no idea that he was a vampire.  In order to understand how he could misidentify himself, you have to read the book—it’s too good to give away.

Maze weaves Christian theology through the book in such a remarkable way that will challenge your belief system. She will have you consider things unthinkable in typical vampire mythology.

Mark thought he was good and desperately wanted Hope to believe he was.  He wanted her to want to be with him and to be like him, but Hope was full of questions and he had no answers.  When Hope turns to her friend, Tony, who is a devoted Christian, everything begins to unravel and Mark makes some discoveries that frighten even him.

Definitely a page turner, you will not be able to put it down.  I was mesmerized from the very beginning.

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