Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | October 7, 2012

Good vs evil battle as the Coming Evil Trilogy continues

The Strange Man has taken up residence in Greensboro.  The town of Greensboro has an evil secret about to be exposed in Book Two of Greg Mitchell’s “The Coming Evil Trilogy”, “Enemies of the Cross”.  As his brother, Dras, is sitting on death row for a crime he didn’t commit, Jeff Weldon is searching for the truth.  He just doesn’t know the truth comes with as much evil as one small town can hold.

Jeff’s crusade threatens to destroy his family and his life, but he discovers some things in this life are not as important as saving people for the next life.  Just as Jeff has lost almost everything he’s worked for, he discovers true freedom.   As the residents of Greensboro are forced to take sides between good and evil, Jeff realizes his true mission.

If you enjoy Christian suspense/horror stories, you will love Greg Mitchell.  In Book One of the Trilogy, you got the background of the story.  In Book Two, you get the theology behind the story and at times it will be difficult not to start thinking about how you would react under the circumstances.  Most Christians, at one time or another particularly living in a country with religious freedom, find themselves wondering what they will do if faced with a life or death confrontation as it pertains to their belief in God.  If you wait until the heat of the moment, will you make the right choice.  Did the citizens of Greensboro?  Read “Enemies of the Cross” and find out.  The final book of the Trilogy, “Dark Hour” will be released in 2013.

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