Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | September 9, 2012

“Sneak” by Evan Angler

Written for middle-schoolers, “Sneak” by Evan Angler is the second book in the Swipe series.  The characters are growing up in a world where they are required to get the mark on their 13th birthday.  However, they are given a test and if they fail they disappear.  Logan Langly’s sister disappeared on her 13th birthday.  When it’s Logan’s turn to take the mark, he attacks the nurse and escapes.

Finding Logan’s sister and staying away from the authorities are the themes of “Sneak”.  Judging from other reviews, this book appeals to 13-14 year-olds.  I found it difficult to read and hard to follow.  Having not read the first book in the series was only a small factor as it was quite easy to figure out what happened in the first book, “Swipe”.

I am sure other books in this series will follow only I won’t waste my time reading them.  I caution parents of pre-teens and teenagers that the subject matter of conspiracy theories, children living like adults and making adult decisions and the lack of control parents have over their children in these books are an issue for me.

There were very few references to Christianity.  The only references are to a Bible that was given to Logan.  There were references to Christian symbols, but other than that this could very easily be just another secular sci-fi book.  Christian themes were missing from the book.  You could argue that they were implied, but non-Christians reading the book would probably not take that away from their reading.

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