Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | July 5, 2012

Can America survive? Is implosion inevitable?

Are we doomed?  Can we recover?  Does God still have His hand of protection over us or has He removed it?  Can we receive God’s favor again?  Many are asking these same questions and there is a growing anxiety among Christians who believe that the United States is about to implode and nothing we can do will stop it.

Joel C. Rosenberg, in his newest book “Implosion”, deals with these questions and provides the best answers God has given him to help us find the right track and stay on it.  Rosenberg doesn’t make any guarantees.  He only provides the answers that he believes God has given to him.

With rising gas and food prices, high unemployment and a devastating economy, it’s easy to become anxious about the future of our country.  Though some fail to admit it, the United States was founded on Christian principles.  However, over the past 200 years, we, as a people, have become divided in our beliefs, turned away from the sovereignty of God and led our lives by our own values rather than the ones God laid down for us.  It’s easy to see why God would choose to throw His hands up and walk away.

In “Implosion”, Rosenberg outlines four scenarios as to how America will meet its final days:  financial implosion, war and terrorism, natural disaster, or rapture.  In each scenario, he outlines what America must do to possibly change or delay the outcome.  He has often stated that because the United States is not mentioned in the Bible, there is reason to believe that we will not exist, at least not as the United States.  He bases this on the fact that other nations are specifically mentioned in the Bible whereas the United States is not.  He does mention several theologians that have different points of view but says their arguments are not credible because the United States is never directly or specifically mentioned in the Bible.

Whether or not you choose to believe Rosenberg, America is in a crisis and only a great awakening has the capacity to save us.  We must turn our eyes towards God and accept Jesus as our Savior and ultimate authority. “Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God.” (Psalm 146:5).

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  1. I actually am an atheist, but your story caught my attention because I have heard so many people talk about the end of the world lately. Being an atheist, I don’t personally believe that there will be a rapture. With that said, I find it fascinating that I actually agree with you on a few important points.

    Our nation has become deeply divided, not just on religious beliefs, but on everything. You are either a Democrat or Republican. You are either pro-life or pro-abortion. You are either a feminist or you aren’t. This “Us or Them” mentality is damaging to the future of our country. As a nation, we need to bring back the concept of the middle ground, where you can agree with both sides on different points. As citizens, we must stand up and demand it from the leaders, or demand new leaders.

    I might pick up a copy of this book. Thanks for the review.

    • Thanks for your comments. I, too, wish there were some middle ground where we could just agree to disagree. Our founding fathers knew that division would destroy this country. It’s a shame that we are losing everything they fought so hard for and gave their lives protecting.

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