Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | October 16, 2011

Why do we walk into walls?

Do you long for a life of freedom?  Do you think that circumstances beyond your control should continue to sabotage your life long after you’ve moved on?  Do you continue to make poor choices out of stubborn resistance, self-centered entitlement, justifiable resentment, blind ignorance and disconnected isolation?

Arterburn walks us through the five prison walls that keep us from living the life we’ve always wanted—a life of confidence and joy.    If you are stuck in a dark place, Arterburn’s advice in “Walking Into Walls” will help you get unstuck and help you distinguish between walls and personal boundaries.

An excellent resource for Christian counselors, “Walking Into Walls” also contains an interactive study guide and online content designed to help conquer self-defeating behavior, reactions and attitudes and make permanent changes that can affect your life and the lives of those around you permanently.

The main ingredient in Arterburn’s advice in this book is honesty and willingness to deal with the issues that have built these prison walls in the first place.  The study guide will walk you through the steps to take to foster healing.  It is designed for personal study or as a tool between the reader and a trusted confidante, mentor or counselor.

Click here to learn more about Arterburn and “Walking Into Walls”.

Stephen Arterburn is a teaching pastor, host of a nationally syndicated Christian counseling talk show, is founder and chairman of New Life Ministries, founder of Women of Faith conferences and an award-winning author of several books, including “Every Man’s Battle” and “Toxic Faith”.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Worthy Publishing, as part of their Book Review Blogger Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


GIVEAWAY:  I have two copies to give away.  To win, please comment below.  Winners will be chosen at random on Monday, October 24, 2011.



  1. It sounds like “Walking Into Walls” will be a great read! I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1982 and for the longest time, I felt God owed me special favor! My life had been totally turned upside down. My career had been stolen and I had to give up driving at the age of 52! I was supossed to be the bread winner, not my wife! Even though I had absolutely no control over my disease and the special challenges it presented, I acted like I did (out of anger) and it seemed every decision I mage was the wrong one! For the longest time I acted like a spoled adult that believed the world owed me something.

    Well I have grown up, my marriage has been healed and family relationships have been restored. I thank God for His provisions and not giving up on me. I still have my spiritual struggles, but, rest in the confidence that the work God has started in me, He will finish! Praise God!

  2. Walking Into Walls describes exactly what a person in my life does over and over. Not that I don’t do it also, but the person I am speaking of is perpetually stuck in some very self-defeating behaviors.

    Because we are so close, it is hard for her to accept what I have to say on the matter and she has tried professional counseling. What she needs, in my opinion, is a spiritual lens through which to see the walls that serving primarily as a prison for her wonderful self and a barrier to love and fullness.

    I would love to give my loved one this book. I can tell it is spot on the issue and written in the problem-solving context that speaks to her psyche. I would love to win this book for her.

  3. I had not heard of this book before, but it definitely sounds like something I could use in my ministry. to adolescent girls and young women–helping them to find out why they pick the wrong kind of friends/boyfriends, sabotage their success, etc. I think it would also help me to understand some fo the behavior I see.

  4. As a Christian counselor, I’d be very interested to read this book. Besides, I find myself walking into walls quite often, unfortunately.

    • Congratulations! You won! Send me your mailing address. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.

  5. Sounds like a great read as an aspiring life coach I would love to read it !

    • Congratulations! You won! Please email me your mailing address.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.


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