Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | July 21, 2011

‘You Are Greater Than You Know’ – Finding your identity in Christ

Written for Christians who are hurting, for those desiring to grow in their faith and for serious inquirers who want to know what Christianity has to offer, “You Are Greater Than You Know” offers practical guidance and wisdom for discovering your worth in Christ.  John Sewell, a trained Victorious Christian Living International (VCLi) counselor, has been teaching the Christian faith principles contained in his book for 23 years.

Answering questions dealing with a person’s worth, pain and rejection, and forgiveness, Sewell offers hope and power by showing Christians how to find significance, acceptance and security in Christ and discovering God’s purpose in life.  He also teaches Christians about the role of the Holy Spirit and how to tap into His power and live a victorious Christian life.

Not just a book offering desperately needed help for hurting and seeking Christians, “You Are Greater Than You Know” is a reference book filled with practical steps you will use over and over again to live the life God intended for you.  Everyone needs to read and keep this book within grasp.

DISCLOSURE:  I purchased this book through VCLi to help support the ministry.  John Sewell officiated at our wedding and my husband and I are grateful for his and Sally’s friendship. The book is available at Barnes & Noble or  If you live in the Opelika/Auburn area, the book may be published at the VCLi office located at 315 2nd Avenue, Opelika, Alabama.

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