Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | July 16, 2010

‘Darlington Woods’ draws you in and grabs you

Darlington Woods” will change the way you think about Christian suspense novels.  The first chapter will draw you in and you will be hooked.  You will find yourself wanting to read “Darlington Woods” in one sitting; however, in order to take in all of the symbolism and meaning, you may have to stop and think about how this story relates to your life and the spiritual truths you can take from it.   It’s a powerful and compelling story of good and evil, fear and faith.  It is apparent that Mike Dellosso should have his own genre.  

Very few authors hook you with one book and compel you to go out and buy every book he’s ever written.  I am looking forward to the books I know will follow.  One word of advice:  don’t jump into the book without reading the foreword so you can better relate to the reason the story was written in the first place.  Rarely does a book of fiction, especially a suspense story, have something significant to teach its readers.  Mike Dellosso’s “Darlington Woods” encourages you to face the fears that paralyze you and keep you from your calling and asks you to replace your fear with faith. 

 Don’t wait.  You can purchase “Darlington Woods” at  Click here to visit Mike Dellosso’s blog for instructions on how to find bonus downloads at Strang Book Group.



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