Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | June 25, 2010

No good deed ever goes unpunished

Have you noticed that doing the right thing can sometimes elicit a feeling of satisfaction of a job well done and other times it can make you feel like you should never have bothered?  This past weekend I met a child desperately in need of attention and care.  I notified the proper authorities and learned today that issues are in the process of being resolved.  The child might not be happy, but at least she’s got a place to stay and food to eat.  I feel good because a child no longer has to roam the streets.

 In another instance, I found a camera on the street in front of our house.  Having gone through a similar experience last year, I knew what that person would feel when he/she realized the camera was gone.  A horrible feeling of not so much losing an expensive camera (although that’s part of it) but losing precious memories stored on a memory card and being unable to retrieve them especially when it’s your daughter’s “best birthday ever!”  My daughter picked it up and our neighbor convinced her that he knew who it belonged to because he saw the car drive by (never mind that he didn’t even bother to go out and pick it up from the street but when he saw my daughter go pick it up he rushed out to get it).  Of course, I suspected that he had ulterior motives.

 Several days later I saw a sign in someone’s yard with a note about the camera and their phone number.  As I was concerned about whether or not my neighbor was able to find the owner of the camera, I called the number to let them know that I found a camera and had given it to my neighbor and wanted to make sure he had returned it to them.  I got a very rude response from the person who answered the phone leaving me thinking I should have just left the camera in the road.

 No wonder people question whether or not they should do the right thing or just leave well enough alone.  There is a saying, “no good deed ever goes unpunished.”  I hope if I’m ever the recipient of a good deed I will honor the person making the effort.  I hope I won’t leave them with the feeling of why bother.   I will still live by the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” rule from Matthew 7:12.  It’s difficult sometimes, but it’s always worth it.


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