Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | March 26, 2010

Will Graham Celebration brings back memories of Billy Graham’s crusades

Billy Graham has become an icon for evangelism.  He is the Moses of my lifetime.  For three generations of my family, Billy Graham has been a recognizable Christian leader.  My grandmother did not miss a Billy Graham Crusade on television, therefore, I grew up watching them.  When I was a teenager, I began to watch them because I enjoyed hearing him preach. 

Over my lifetime, televised crusades have vanished possibly because there is an abundance of television pastors clamoring for air space, but none of them will ever compare to the sound of Billy Graham’s voice or the message of hope and love he preached.  I’ve yet to feel the same emotional impact of seeing thousands of people come forward to accept Christ or rededicate their lives than I did while watching his crusades.

For three evenings this weekend, I am privileged to be involved with the Will Graham Celebration in Auburn, the only one to be held in the United States this year.  I am a counselor and a co-captain of a co-labor team.  I am very excited.  I am praying for those who will attend the Celebration asking for God to open their hearts and minds to the message Will is going to bring each night.  Will Graham is the son of Franklin Graham and the grandson of Billy Graham.    We will see a great miracle of God this weekend.  I can already feel the Spirit working.

On Monday morning Auburn/Opelika will not be the same because the people here will have experienced a mighty work of God.  

If you live near the Auburn area, WCG 2010 begins at 6:30 p.m. tonight.  On Saturday, Kidfest begins at 4:30. WGC begins at 6 p.m.  Saturday and Sunday.  Admittance is free, parking is free and Salvation is free.  Everyone is invited.


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