Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | January 22, 2010

How a Dream can Change Your Life

I recently attended a women’s retreat and spent a week in prayer in preparation.  During this week of preparation, I felt like God was going to do something big in my life over the weekend.  I kept hearing over and over again that God was going to rock my world (an expression I never use).  The weekend was a  great time but I felt the something big did not happen during the retreat so I went to bed Sunday evening praying and asking God if I missed it or did I do something to prevent it. 

However, the big event was not something that could be contained in a single weekend. God is so amazing and awesome.  First, I had a dream Sunday night. My family and I were driving through town when I had the sense we needed to get out of the car and head for the church basement.  I was watching buildings crumble to the ground but had no idea why.  When we arrived in the church, a meeting of emergency personnel was taking place in the hallway.  My oldest daughter disappeared into the church.  My husband, youngest daughter and I headed out seeking shelter somewhere else when I saw the building where I work implode and come tumbling down.  We hid in a building and my husband was injured and had amnesia.  Without concern, my daughter and I headed back to the car.  It was at this point that I awakened realizing that God was trying to show me something.

I set out trying to analyze the dream because I thought all the answers were somewhere within the dream.  However, as the week passed, I realized God had so much for me to learn.  I do believe that God is about to rock my world and it’s going to affect every area of my life which is why my family, my church and my job was a prevalent force in my dream. 

On Thursday morning as I was trying to get to work I got behind a slow driver who was so slow I ran late.  However, if I hadn’t been behind that car I would never have heard the DJs read an email they had received from a missionary in Haiti talking about the earthquake, destruction and aftermath. It was at this time that I realized that my dream was about an earthquake coming in my life which is why I kept hearing the “rock my world” reference.    Now, when I hear or read a reference to rocks, I pay close attention.

On Sunday of the following week I had planned on going to the worship service and not going to Sunday School; however, because of my daughter’s temper tantrum I decided that was God’s way of telling me I needed to be in Sunday School.  It wasn’t until the class was almost over that I realized the lesson was of particular meaning to me. The teacher was talking about the obstacles we put between ourselves and God, referring to them as our rocks.  She discussed what we do with them–we either ignore them, decorate them or hide them.  (My previous blog was about the rocks we lean on).

As Christians, we are called to prepare the way of the Lord.  He is coming back and probably sooner than we realize.  The many current events tell us the birth pangs have started.  In Matthew 24:7-8 we read, “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in place after place; All this is but the beginning of the birth pangs.” (AMP)  I believe we will not only see and have seen literal earthquakes in various places, we will also see symbolic earthquakes such as the economic crisis affect our lives.  We will see our lives as Christians in turmoil and will have to make a choice.   I do not think this is a bad thing.  I think it’s time God rocked our world, particularly mine.  We need to decide now who we will serve because there will come a time when we will have to declare.  I am confident in my decision to follow and serve God through Jesus Christ who died for my sins and who lives in me and gives me strength.

God is about to do something big.  In two weeks, He has completely changed the way I look at my life and what is happening around me.   Now is not the time to put off what God is asking us to do.  It is not the time for complacency, nor is it a time for fear.  Today is the day we need to be  intentional about the way we live our life and committed to the God we serve.



  1. I believe it will take “being rocked” to wake many of the believer’s who’ve fallen asleep at their post.
    I’m praising God for all He is revealing to you Jill. Some of this reminds me of an article I just did on “the winds of change.” we can’t prevent God from doing His will but we can be in the same page.
    Sounds like He is moving you forward & you are heeding. I pray we’ll all do the same.
    I’m no prophet but I do believe you should continue to seek God concerning what is coming for your family. Many times we don’t even hear Him. It sounds like He’s giving you advanced notice so you can be ready & euipped.

  2. Wow! I don’t know much about dream interpretation. I’m interested in the words, “Without concern.” I doubt that means “I don’t care,” but more likely, “I don’t fear.” And maybe it’s not a physical disaster but a rearranging of thoughts–a thought quake.

    These are the days we all need to stay close to the Rock and remove an obstacles that interfere.

    I know that I’d like to go to Haiti–except there’s that tinge of fear and several “rocks” like no passport or hep A shots, and then there is family . . . I’m good at building obstacles. Not so good at tearing them down. 🙂

    Praying for you!

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