Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | January 20, 2010

The Rocks We Lean On

Last week I had a dream.  That sounds cliche’, but it was actually a dream during the sleep process kind of dream.  It has completely changed my life.  I am in the midst of trying to decipher all the aspects of this dream because God has been showing me so much over the past week and a half. 

Every morning since that dream during my walk time, I ask God to show me what the dream meant and what He wants me to receive from it.  (I will have another blog about my dream soon, but this morning He showed me something amazing.)

I walk the same direction every day, clockwise around the park square.  In one direction I am walking toward a church. After I turn the corner, I am facing my office building and the courthouse and at the next corner I am walking toward attorney’s offices.  This may seem like a typical landscape for the downtown area of a relatively small city.  But today as I was praying I looked up and saw all of these places–places we turn to for our help–religion, occupation, government and sometimes when absolutely necessary, the legal profession.  God pointed these buildings out to me and said, “they can’t help you.” 

The realization of what He told me hit me immediately.  All of the things I hold onto for support could all be useless without God.  I can walk into a church, but if I don’t walk in seeking God it is pointless.  I can go to work every day and receive a regular paycheck, but other than that all my occupation does is take me away from my family.  The legal profession is a win or lose proposition and government does not exist to help people, not really.

God wants to be our Rock.  He doesn’t want us to seek out those things the world has told us will help us.  He wants to empty us of all the selfish notions and all of the worldly crutches we cling to for our security so we can be filled with Him.  The only way to have a life fulfilled is through Christ who saved us.  God is our Rock and our Salvation.  He wants to rock your world.  Will you let Him?



  1. Jill:
    This is such confirmation for me. I’ve been going through a “rough patch” and in my conversation with God I asked Him some questions concerning people who I’ve had relationships with. His reply to me was “they can’t help you, but I can so look to me.”
    It’s not like I don’t already know this. God has been my Source and strength for many years. Sometimes He just needs to remind us of His truths.
    It seems the more people I connect with the more blessed I am. Yet at the same time I have to remind myself that as wonderful as people are they are no replacement for GOD!
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Continued blessings as you look to Him!

  2. What insight!

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