Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | January 11, 2010

Women come in all shapes

I spent the weekend with 68 women at a retreat where we savored time with God, fellowship and, of course, food.  As women of God, we add savory, spicy and sweet flavors to the body of Christ.  This retreat helped teach us how to release our burdens and those things that enslave us so that we can let God work through us to accomplish His tasks.

An additional lesson I learned this weekend through the lives of other women is how God has  created each of us in different shapes and sizes.  We need to conform to the shape God has made us because after all, a round peg will not fit in a square hole.  Some women are round, others are square or rectangle or even triangle shapes.  I’m sure there are others, but I will focus on these four.

Round women are those women who, although they have a particular gifting, can operate outside of that gifting when necessary.  These women go with the flow and often run circles around everyone else.  They are the motivators, the encouragers and the examples for others.  They work hard to make sure everyone is having a good time and are included in all of the activities.  They are often the ones who organize events and plan the activities. 

Square women are those women who typically need to stay in their gifting in order to function stress-free.  These women are needed to keep the round women on course.  They are the ones who keep the flow going in an orderly fashion. They usually have the gift of hospitality and are the ones who will jump in to help with the food, greeting everyone and are often the ones who can handle unforeseen circumstances with grace and originality.

Rectangle women are similar to the square women; however, they are often called to operate outside their gifting when necessary and they do it with style.  They are particularly good at arranging everything from furniture to food and are great at humor and finding the good in people.  They can make people laugh at uncomfortable situations and often have an optimistic outlook on life.  They can handle most any emergency that comes up with a calming voice.

Triangle women are those women with the ability to keep the conversation moving.  They are the ones who motivate others to be open and share their thoughts and experiences with the group.  They have an openness and vulnerability that attract people to them and to Christ.  They can handle impromptu speaking opportunities and will oftentimes be the life of the party.   

Of course, there are many other shapes, but I think the ones I met this weekend all fall into one of the above categories.  I don’t know where I fit in, but God is molding me into the shape He wants me to be.



  1. Thanks for sharing this! I originally connected with your blog through a post in which you referred to Sweet Life Cafe (I’m a women’s ministry consultant and currently coordinate trainings and networking for Group’s Girlfriends Unlimited. Group published Sweet Life Cafe.) I’m connecting with other bloggers I know who are passionate about encouraging women to share with you my upcoming (June) blog tour of Pure Purpose, my first Bible Study! You can check out the details of the blog tour under Notes on my Pure Purpose Facebook page (http://tinyurl.PurePurposeFB). There’s a link to my blog on it. Or just let me know if you’d like more information or to personally connect! – Susan

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