Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | November 11, 2009

My review of Joan Chittister’s “The Liturgical Year”

I was intrigued by the description on the back cover, “The liturgical year is an adventure in bringing the Christian life to fullness, the heart to alert, the soul to focus.  It does not concern itself with the questions of how to make a living. It concerns itself with the questions of how to make a life.”  

I thought this book was going to lead me into a process of how to apply the liturgical year to my spiritual life and make my connection to God more vibrant and alive.  Instead, I discovered within the 217 pages a textbook filled with historical analysis of the liturgical year along with the whys and whens but never the how. 

The book was written by a nun and is very catholic in tone.  At times, it seems you would need to have a basic knowledge of catholic traditions and terms to be able to understand some of the ideas she is trying to get across.

I found this book very dry and hard to read.  There was very little I could take away from it.  I wish I could say something good about this book, but there really isn’t a whole lot more I can add. 

DISCLAIMER:  I am a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publisher and received this book for free in exchange for this review. 




  1. Checked out your review and decided against reviewing this book myself. Appreciate your opinion.

    Could very well relate to your previous post about what church to attend. We’re in a similar situation and it’s a tough call. All the best!

  2. I reviewed this one as well, and my findings were, pretty much, in line with yours. Thanks!

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