Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | October 21, 2009

A Testimony

Sometimes we make wrong choices or walk down the wrong path.
Sometimes we choose to be defiant and look at God and laugh.
Sometimes we get caught up in the world’s view of life.
And sometimes the world betrays us and we blame God for strife.

But all the time God loves us and treats us like His child.
And all the time God leads us as He watches with a smile
And all the time God wants us to come to Him in prayer
And all the time God takes us and wraps us in His care.

It’s so easy to be worldly and live life in sin
But it’s better to be holy and have Jesus Christ within.
It takes but just a moment to drown yourself in love
And ask for forgiveness from your  Father up above.

Don’t listen to the world when it tries to change your mind.
You’ll be much better off if the peace of God you find.
Take everything to heart that God tells you and then
Go out and tell your friends how you stay away from sin.


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