Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | October 14, 2009

Review of “An Undivided Heart” by Rita J. Platt

“An Undivided Heart” is a  simple 8-week Bible Study for women with the purpose of helping women experience the intimacy of Jesus’ touch.  Platt guides the reader through how to experience Jesus using a short devotional, pondering scripture, reflecting on what you’ve read and responding with prayer. 

Although the subject matter attracted me to the study, the target audience is for women who are new to the concept of intimacy with the Savior.  The scripture references are mainly from The Message version and even though I have nothing against this version of the Bible, I don’t particularly find it appealing to do a Bible study.

If you are new to the faith or trying to learn about experiencing a close relationship with Christ, this is the perfect Bible Study.  However, if you have been walking with Christ for awhile the study is too simplistic.  I did like the format and particularly the prayers at the end of each study.  It is a great personal study and probably not very good to use as a group study as it tends to be personal and specific to the individual doing the study.


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