Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | October 7, 2009

Day 23 and 24 of the 30 Day Faith Experiment–Surprise Me, God

I totally missed yesterday.  I was so busy at work and I came home and got busy and just ran out of energy.  For a Monday, it was a pretty good day which is surprise enough.  I have been trying so hard to see God in the details, but at the same time I’ve been so busy I’ve let some things slip by.  The whole point of this experiment is to see God in the details, but I seem to be missing a lot.  God has blessed us this week when it seemed impossible.  I just love how God waits until the last minute while He is teaching us how to trust Him more and more and deeper and deeper. 

Just the fact that work has been so busy is surprise enough.  I got so use to not having a lot to do that for the past couple of weeks while we’ve been so busy I’ve struggled.  I’ve been hearing from a lot of people I haven’t heard from in a while.  That’s been a blessing. There are only six days left in this experiment.  I don’t know what to expect next.  Trying to readjust my thinking and hoping that for the rest of my life I can continue to watch for God in the details every day and to thank Him for bringing wonder into my life.

Looking forward to the surprises Day 25 has in store….


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