Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | October 4, 2009

Day Twenty-One of the 30 Day Faith Experiment–Surprise Me, God

Today has been a very full day beginning with going to IHOP for breakfast.  I ate enough not to have to eat the rest of the day, but that didn’t stop me from eating a piece of pizza for lunch and sloppy joes for dinner.  We stopped at K-Mart to get the child some new tennis shoes–she seems to have outgrown her old ones. 

Later, at home, I got started with household chores.  I got just about everythng done–I never get it all done and then it’s time to start all over again.  It doesn’t seem to bother anyone but me that the house is a mess.  Oh, well.  I finished the laundry. 

After sitting down thinking I was on the downhill stretch and I’d be able to read my lesson for church in the morning and do some Bible study, a pipe in the bathroom busted and the bathroom flooded in a matter of seconds.  Fortunately able to stop it before it got to the carpet which would really have been no big loss–we just can’t afford to replace it right now.  My three-year-old starts yelling, “Oh, no. I can’t go to the potty ever again!”  And I’m thinking, “Thank goodness we were at home when it happened.”  Oh, joy.  At least I know what tomorrow holds in store, but surprise me anyway, God.

Day Twenty-Two (Sunday) begins with serving in the Nursery Welcome Center and then on to worship and Sunday School…and then, fixing a busted pipe (actually, I’ll just be the one who gets to help the husband).  May God surprise you manificently.


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