Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | September 29, 2009

Shield a Badge in Prayer–Have a Heart for Law Enforcement

In January of 2001 God placed a ministry on my heart for law enforcement officers. It was called Shield A Badge and covered local law enforcement from two counties in Alabama in prayer. The purpose was to lift up the officers in prayer and encourage them by sending monthly notes of encouragement and gratitude. We honored them on their birthdays and holidays. We prayed for them daily by name.

By 2005 the ministry had grown so much I could no longer support it with my time or money, so I had to let it go. When I first started the ministry, God told me not to ask for money because He would provide. I was disappointed when the ministry came to an end. I prayed for someone to come help me and for financial support; however, God made no provision for either. I have yet to understand why. I tried desperately to keep it going but finally felt God say to me, “I asked you to give it up. That doesn’t mean finding a replacement. That’s for me to do.”

So far, no one has stepped forward to lead the ministry, and I have never stopped thinking about what could have been. I also know that I couldn’t go on doing what I was doing even though I wanted to.

For whatever reason, God placed law enforcement officers on my heart. For a particular season in my life, God gave me a ministry to show them how much He loves them and cares for them. Today I watched law enforcement officers arrive for the funeral of a fellow officer killed in the line of duty–a senseless loss. I still pray for the officers though I don’t know their names. Today they are grieving and only God can comfort them and I hope they know Him. I hope they know how much God cares even though He allowed this senseless act of violence to take away one of their own.

Please take the time to tell law enforcement officers how much their service means to you. Thank them for doing what they do. Sometimes we forget about the danger they face. Don’t forget to pray for them–that’s the best thing you can do.


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