Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | September 26, 2009

Day Fourteen of the 30 Day Faith Experiment–Surprise Me, God

My husband put the new battery in the Miata and we went for a ride with the top down. It was so much fun and I’d forgotten how cute he looked driving it.
We watched a movie (well, I slept) and afterwards I did a little shopping at Tiger Town. I went to Wal-Mart and got stuck there during a thunderstorm. Have you ever been to Wal-Mart when the power went out? Well, it’s quite an experience.
I received an email from a friend who is also participating in the 30 Day Faith Experiment and she had excellent news regarding her surprise. I am so glad to hear that others are receiving blessings from this.
While I was at Books-A-Million browsing over the books, I realized how many books in the “Christian” genre there are and how difficult it is to discern what is based on the truth of the Bible and what is based on the truth as the world views it. Just this week one of my Twitter friends was discussing two particularly hedonistic pastors who are preaching a different Christ than the One in the Bible and have many followers. What they preach and write has a smidgen of truth and we can get wrapped up in their words because it’s what we want to hear; however, to follow their teachings would be a walk down the wrong path. In the past I have made certain decisions about what to read or listen to based on a belief that the writer/speaker was not following the Scriptures. Later on, someone I trusted and respected would sing their praises and I would re-evaluate my opinion but always to my detriment. I have learned to listen to others, but also take into account what I believe God is saying to me regarding the person or issue.
These days we are inundated with media and books and television that sometimes it’s difficult to be discerning, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop being diligent. Truly the only book we need is the Bible. God has given us everything we need in this book to live our lives for Him and for His Glory. Many preachers today would like us to think they have all the answers and whatever they write or say is next to hearing from God. Don’t let them intimidate you into believing a lie.
Weigh everything you read and hear by the Scriptures. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you because His Words are Truth.

I’m looking forward to learning a great deal through my 30 Day Faith Experiment. I encourage you to try it for yourself. God can show you many things that He is doing today and you will be surprised.

Tomorrow is coming…I’m looking forward to it!


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