Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | September 25, 2009

Day Thirteen of the 30 Day Faith Experiment–Pondering Life at a Coffeeshop

At lunch today, I was pondering how lucky I was to work downtown within walking distance of my favorite coffee house/lunch place. I can remember when it was easy to get in and today was one of those days, but several times in the past couple of weeks I’ve left because there wasn’t a place to sit and eat. It’s great for the business but rough on me when I have my heart set on a panini.

Anyway, back to the lucky part of my story. I’m not a person who believes in luck. I believe that God’s hand is on us and places us in locations where we can best honor and glorify Him. It’s our choice to be obedient to that calling. I digress again. I was pondering how God put me at a place of needing employment at the exact time my employer was looking for a legal secretary. Now, I had been looking for work for four months before I got this job; however, God, in His infinite wisdom, did not allow me to find a job until this one became available.

God knew I wouldn’t have sought out this particular job until I was desperate for income because I had often said I did not want to be a legal secretary ever again. God also knew that this particular job was perfect for where I am in my life, spiritually, physically and relationally. He also knew the type of boss I would need and graciously provided that person. I am truly blessed. I don’t particularly want to work, but at least this is a job I don’t hate and don’t dread getting up on Monday mornings or any morning for that matter.

After I pondered how God placed me in this job at this time and in this place, I began to consider how other things have worked out at this time of my life and how other things are still up in the air. Church membership is up in the air. My husband and I are members of one church but attending another and have no desire to join a different church. We are drawn to our church of membership, primarily because of our friends and because that is where we met.

A little less than a month ago, I signed up to be a book reviewer for several publishers. One publisher sent me a book by Terry Esau entitled, “Be the Surprise”. I realized early on that this was the second book in a series and, although it could be read alone, I realized I just had to read this other book, so I ordered it. I have learned to look for God’s hand in the ordinary, everyday events that I often take for granted. I have also begun to really start thinking about priorities. Since April, we have seen three family members, two friends and one dear friend pass away after suffering from terminal illnesses. Some were young and some were not so young, and some were expected and some were sudden. This has caused me to re-evaluate my priorities. I can’t say that each day has been a success but I have strived over the past few months to live my life with the important things in mind–not the urgent.

I am now reading “One Month to Live” by Kerry and Chris Shook. My personality wants to get everything in order and then start living a day-to-day existence. I realize how incredibly funny that sounds. I want to get my house cleaned from top to bottom, my finances squared away, my schedule tweaked and finalized and all of my projects completed and tidied up and then I’ll start. But if I’ve learned nothing else, I realize it’s the people in my life that matter–not the house, the car, the scrapbooking (that’s a hard one), the budget (although this is important). Jesus came for the people. I want to be more like Christ; therefore, the people in my life should take top priority. They aren’t going to care that I cleaned the house, cooked the meals, did the laundry or any of those other things. If I don’t spend time with them, none of that will matter.

I am and will always be amazed by my God. I am glad I have that kind of God–the kind that never ceases to surprise me. Today hasn’t been any different–I should be surprised by God every day. Wow.


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