Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | September 21, 2009

Day Eight of the 30 Day Faith Experiment–Surprise Me, God

It has been a short weekend. I began my day with my Surprise me prayer asking God to help me look for ways to communicate love instead of judgment. I can’t say I was very successful, but I also can’t say I failed either. We went to church as a family today (meaning we all went in the same car–the teenager can’t sit with us because that would be uncool). It was a very good service and it is an exciting way to start the week.

After Sunday school we went to Burger King for lunch before heading to my niece’s 12th birthday party. I can’t believe she’s 12. Time just goes by so fast. We played party games and enjoyed cake and ice cream and had a very good time laughing and playing like kids. Afterwards, I came home and watched a movie with Jonathan and then watched a movie with my three-year-old after my oldest went to a movie with the youth group.

My husband is trying to get the 3 year old to go to bed and I’m getting ready for some Bible study, reading and bedtime so I can start the day tomorrow. Not much in the way of surprises today but maybe because I didn’t look hard enough.

I did write a few things for the Opelika Observer but the main item I needed to turn in didn’t get done. Oh, well. The laundry didn’t get finished and the house didn’t get cleaned but that’s not a surprise. Somehow, I wish I could do this weekend over–I think I would have done it differently.

Tomorrow is another day and it’s Day Nine……


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