Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | September 18, 2009

Day Six of the 30 Day Faith Experiment–“Surprise Me, God”

Today has been a busy day full of surprises–the kind only God could orchestrate. It also happens to be my birthday and if God could outdo Himself I guess He has today.

My day actually began at 12:15 a.m. when my husband brimming with excitement woke me up so he could be the first to wish me a happy birthday and to give me my present. He is so cute–he can’t wait to give presents which is why he generally waits until the last minute to buy them. It doesn’t help that our anniversary is the day before my birthday because he buys my anniversary present and my birthday present on the same day. I wish I had been awake enough to be excited about my presents, but today I am excited about the gift certificate for a massage and the DVD of the second season of The Big Bang Theory and a movie by Joss Whedon starring Neil Patrick Harris, the title of which eludes me.

I enjoyed a nice walk with God this morning sans rain but looking dreadfully like it could pour any minute. Another sign that God enjoys our morning walks as much as I do. I received an email from a friend on facebook who wanted to let me know how much my status posts about this 30 day experiment meant to her and her friends. She’s been printing them off and sharing them. Wow. I am so…well, just wow!

Received a phone call from a very dear friend who it has been way too long since I’ve seen to wish me a happy birthday. I miss Memaw and Papa and wish we lived closer. Granted West Point isn’t that far away but when you stay so busy it is. We talked about Ms. Jessie and Mr. Lewis, special friends who passed away several years ago and who I miss so very much. I think about them often.

I had lunch with Anne, a special friend who took precious time on her day off to buy me lunch for my birthday at one of my most favorite lunch places, Red Door June. If you are ever in Opelika during lunchtime this is definitely a place to visit. They also serve coffee and are open in the mornings. Yum!

And of course, I was overwhelmed with birthday greetings on Facebook.

My parents are keeping the kids tonight so my husband and I will have some time to ourselves tonight. I’m posting this early realizing there will be many more surprises God has in store for me today–in which case I will edit this or do an additional blog. I just didn’t want to take time out of my evening to be on the computer.

Looking forward to more……


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