Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | September 14, 2009

Day One of the Thirty Day Faith Experiment

Maybe it’s cheating to start the 30 Day Faith Experiment on a Sunday because when does God not surprise you when you are worshipping Him. I started the day much the same as I do any Sunday. We went to church at First UMC for their contemporary service and I felt God’s spirit so powerfully during the service even though there was nothing remarkably different about it. The sermon was on worry and as always it was something I desperately needed to hear. Actually, this is something I need to hear daily. I use to never have an issue with worry but lately it is all I seem to do. All the head knowledge in the world is useless unless you apply it to your life. The lesson I brought home from the sermon is that worry is a control problem. When we worry we are trying to control our circumstances. God is in control and we are supposed to trust Him. Yeah, I know this but putting it into practice is difficult.
We tried a Sunday School class today and it was pure teaching and it was so different from everything I’ve experienced for many years now. It was refreshing to sit back and soak in the lesson from Mark 1. Not only did she teach the passage she gave us the application for our lives based on her experience. I’m ready to jump in with both feet, but I’m unsure about how my husband feels about it. Of course, I know we need to take it slow and thank goodness we can.
I came home and went for a walk around the neighborhood before cooking lunch so I could talk to God. As is usual, I tended to ramble and felt like I didn’t get much accomplished but I love the way God lets me talk it out and later will give me perception.

It is almost bedtime. The rest of the day has been uneventful; however, I have noticed that a lot of things got done today that normally get left undone at the end of the weekend and I am looking forward to starting this week off with such a good start. All the laundry is washed, folded, put away and the dishes are in the dishwasher. Without God’s help this would not have gotten done. In fact, Morgan sat still watching movies all evening. Now, that’s a surprise!

Can’t wait for Day TWO!


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