Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | September 1, 2009

Yes, I Facebook and Twitter, but is it worth it?

I signed up for Facebook originally because I wanted to keep tabs on my daughter and then I noticed my husband had a Facebook page and I felt left out. After I signed up, I renewed friendships and discovered new friends, played games, took quizzes, commented on statuses, created statuses of my own and even went so far as to create a couple of groups and join some causes. I became obsessed with Facebook and really enjoyed it more than I thought I would because, after all, I only wanted to check up on my daughter.

Twitter, on the other hand, is just right for me. I love being able to follow people who I have something in common with and who encourage me. I enjoy being able to keep up with the latest news, devotionals, and blogs from some of my favorite sources. The inspirational tidbits some of my fellow twitterers post are sometimes thought-provoking and other times entertaining. When they start trying to sell me something, I just hit unfollow and go on about my business.

Facebook and Twitter both have their advantages and disadvantages over the other. For instance, on Facebook you can group your friends together and click on the groups you want to see. In Twitter, it’s the luck of the draw. You get the statuses of whoever posts the most or most recent. When you follow a bunch of people, it’s hard to see the posts from the people you most want to read.

On Twitter, due to the limitation of 140 characters, you must think about what you tweet because you can often come across in a manner you didn’t intend. On Facebook, your attempt at humor can often come across as insulting or rude. Relationships on both Facebook and Twitter are superficial at best especially if you do not fellowship with them outside of the cyberspace community.

Some of my friends are using Facebook to spread the Gospel and this is a very worthwhile endeavor. I applaud their efforts and I try to promote a positive Christian influence on Facebook and Twitter. However, some of these same friends are critical of others and use their screaming voice to correct or chastise them for something they probably had no idea would instill such “creative” outbursts. They have forgotten they have put this out for their friends’ whole cyberworld to see. I think we forget the lack of privacy when commenting on the thoughts and situations of others. I think we have also forgotten about the common decency of keeping some things to ourselves.

I now limit myself on Facebook. Mostly, to just reading and keeping up with the people who matter the most especially those family members and friends I want to maintain a true Christ-centered relationship with. Twitter is, for me, a central location for all the bloggers, pastors and inspirational folks I enjoy reading and who lift me up and encourage me to put Christ first. They remind me second-by-second that I’m not here to play on Facebook or read Twitter updates. I am here on this Earth at this minute to glorify God and share what He has done in my life so others, too, can be saved through a relationship with Christ.


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