Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | June 27, 2009

One Frustrated Mom

Both of my daughters (ages 17 and 3) say the same phrase when I ask them to do something–“I don’t want to.”  Well I’d like to offer this as a rebuttal…

I don’t want to work outside the home, but the economy and their needs require that I do.

I don’t want to clean house, but I don’t want to live with dirt and bugs and neither do they for that matter.

I don’t want to wash dishes, but if I didn’t we’d be eating with our hands and off the dirty table (see above).

I don’t want to cook, but if I didn’t we wouldn’t eat.

I don’t want to go grocery shopping, but if I didn’t we wouldn’t have anything for me to cook and the law requires that I feed my children because that it is a basic need.

I don’t want to do laundry, but if I didn’t we would be walking around naked or wearing dirty clothes since walking around naked is really not an option.

I don’t want to do a lot of things, but I do because I love my family and want to be a productive member of society.  It’s interesting that when they “want” something, I’m supposed to hop up and do it without thought or complaining.  It’s also interesting that if I don’t do one of the things above no one else can or will do it. 

My husband wonders why I’m tired all the time and why all of the above things never seem to get finished or done when they should be.  It’s because I’m doing all of those things and more.  I am frustrated because I’m not the perfect description of the Proverbs 31 Woman nor anywhere near it.  But I heard the perfect sermon on this woman this past mother’s day by our pastor, Joe Lay.  Maybe it’s not about the woman.  Maybe it’s about the husband and children.  The Proverbs 31 Ideal Woman that we have been trying so hard to emulate is impossible because it’s not all up to us.  The Proverbs 31 wife and mother could do everything because she had a husband and children who rose up and called her blessed.  They encouraged her and told her every day how much they appreciated her.  They helped her when she needed it without complaining or saying I don’t want to.  Maybe they didn’t want to, but they loved their mother and wanted to be a part of a family they could be proud of.  They didn’t do something to be praised or rewarded.  They did it so others would know how blessed they were. 

I’m proud of my family and I want them to be proud of me.  I try very hard to be the wife and mother I feel God wants me to be.  Maybe one day my husband and children will rise up and call me blessed or maybe they will just say I’ll be glad to instead of that other phrase that has become so common at my house.


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