Posted by: Jill Potts Jones | January 22, 2009

Lookout World here they come….

I was sitting in a coffeeshop this afternoon enjoying some peace and quiet but couldn’t help overhearing a conversation (mostly one-sided) between the coffee server and a (probably 16 or 17 year old) teenager who was doing most of the talking.  Well, he was mostly complaining about his job.  Apparently he works for his sister and/or his mother (got a little confused) and thinks he is being treated unfairly.  From what I can gather this teen feels abused when he is asked to do a little work when that is what he is getting paid to do.  Imagine that?  Someone hires him to work, pays him and actually expects to get something for their money.  What is the world coming to?

He went on to talk about how much better his life would be if he lived in Auburn as opposed to Opelika because there was more to do, better jobs, better teachers–that whole grass is greener thing.  How far is Auburn from Opelika anyway?  Do we have to have a passport to go there?  Apparently, not only are his employers unfair, but his teachers are against him too.  They tell him he doesn’t apply himself and refuse to give him good grades which, in turn, gets him in trouble at home.   He thinks going off to college and graduating will land him the job of his dreams.  Wow, he hasn’t even considered what will happen if he doesn’t apply himself there.  And he thinks his high school teachers are unfair.  Wait until he meets up with a college professor.

This is our world.  Teenagers are entitled because parents are too afraid to discipline because the government may rule it child abuse.  Well, President Obama, if you want to change this country, you need to change our teenagers. 

While many of us are out trying to find a job to feed our families and pay for necessities, teenagers are whining about how bad their job is.  Truth is–there are some of us who would take that job in a heartbeat.  Then they’ll be complaining because adults are taking their jobs.  What is our world coming to–a world where adults are competing with teenagers for jobs.


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